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Shacharit Services:  Mondays & Thursdays at 8 am
Friday Shabbat Services:  Fridays at 5:30 pm                                
Saturday Shabbat Services:  Saturdays at 10:00 am

Clergy Visits:
If you know of anyone who is homebound or in a home or hospital and would like
a clergy visit,  please call the office at (508) 674-3529 or e-mail

Rabbi Mark Elber
Cantor Shoshana Brown

Temple Beth El  *  385 High St, Fall River, MA  02720  *  (508) 674-3529

Temple Beth El
An Independent Conservative Synagogue in Fall River, Massachusetts
Sahar Hassamain
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Central Dome in the Sanctuary
   Service Schedule

          December 2017
       Kislev/Tevet 5778

Friday, December 1  (13 Kislev)
Candle Lighting         3:57 pm
Shabbat Service       5:30 pm

Saturday, December 2  (14 Kislev)
Weekly Portion:      10:00 am

Friday, December 8  (20 Kislev)
Candle Lighting         3:56 pm
Shabbat Service       5:30 pm

Saturday, December 9  (21 Kislev)
Weekly Portion:      10:00 am

Tuesday, December 12 (24 Kislev)
Erev Chanukah
Light first Chanukah candle

Wednesday, December 13 (25
Chanukah - First Day
Light second Chanukah candle

Thursday, December 14 (26 Kislev)
Chanukah -Second Day
Light third Chanukah candle

Friday, December 15  (27 Kislev)
Candle Lighting          3:57 pm
Shabbat Service         5:30 pm
Chanukah - Third Day
Light fourth candle before Shabbat

Saturday, December 16  (28 Kislev)
Weekly Portion: Miketz   10:00 am
Chanukah - Fourth Day
Light fifth Chanukah candle after
5:03 pm

Sunday, December 17  (29 Kislev)
Chanukah - Fifth Day
Light sixth Chanukah candle

Monday, December 18 (30 Kislev)
Rosh Chodesh Tevet
Chanukah -  Sixth Day
Light seventh Chanukah candle

Tuesday, December 19 (1 Tevet)
Rosh Chodesh Tevet
Chanukah - Seventh Day
Light eighth Chanukah candle

Wednesday, December 20 (2 Tevet)
Chanukah - Eighth Day

Friday, December 22  (4 Tevet)
Candle Lighting      4:00 pm
Shabbat Service    5:30 pm

Saturday, December 23 (5 Tevet)
Weekly Portion:  10:00 am

Friday, December 29 (11 Tevet)
Candle Lighting        4:04 pm
Shabbat Service      5:30 pm

Saturday, December 30 (12 Tevet)
Weekly Portion:      10:00 am
Hebrew School Schedule
Book Club
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TBE Chanukah Party!
Sunday, Dec. 17th beginning at 1 PM
With special guests
Ezekiel’s Wheel Klezmer Band
from 2 to 3 pm, followed by Community Candlelighting.  Bring
your children and grandchildren, bring a friend or two!

Please RSVP by December 11th

Monday, December 11th at 10:30 am
Special Guest Speaker Fr. Martin Buote will discuss Christianity and Judaism in the first century. Class starts at 10:30 am.

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Alfred Uhry, “Driving Miss
Daisy” affectionately covers the 25-year relationship between a wealthy,
strong-willed Southern matron (Jessica Tandy) and her equally indomitable
Black chauffeur, Hoke (Morgan Freeman). Both employer and employee are
outsiders, Hoke because of the color of his skin, Miss Daisy because she is
Jewish in a WASP-dominated society. At the same time, Hoke cannot fathom
Miss Daisy’s cloistered inability to grasp the social changes that are
sweeping the South in the 1960s. Nor can Miss Daisy understand why Hoke’s
“people” are so indignant. It is only when Hoke is retired and Miss Daisy is
confined to a home for the elderly that the two fully realize that they’ve
been friends and kindred spirits all along. The supporting cast includes Esther
Rolle as Miss Daisy’s housekeeper and Dan Aykroyd as Miss Daisy’s son,
Boolie (reportedly, playwright Uhry based the character upon himself).
Driving Miss Daisy won Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best
Screenplay, and Best Makeup, 1989.
Come join us on Sunday, December 10th at 2 PM!